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About Me

I wanted to learn more and develop my craft. I reached out to wedding photographers, in the area and asked if I could assist them. For years I worked with some of the best, learning from them, honing my skills. I knew I was ready to branch out on my own and start my own business. It gives me so much joy to work directly with couples and families, capturing those tender moments that will last a lifetime. I'm truly blessed to have found this path. So here I am - your wedding photographer - passionate about capturing your most important moments.

Julio Olvera

My  Story


You could call it fate. It's a beautiful thing to find your calling. Some things are just meant to be. It started with a project. A friend needed help with some tech work and I have a tech degree. That soon led to managing social media and creating content- new concepts to me but I never shy away from a challenge. That's when I picked up a camera. That's when I fell in love. I had an eye for detail and a knack for capturing the emotion in a single moment and preserving it for a lifetime.


Can we meet?
Absolutely. I would love to meet you out for a coffee or a stroll. It's important to get to know some key people that will be with you on your wedding day. That way, we can make sure we'll be a good fit to spend that time together

Can we call you?
Anytime! O
r text if you prefer. And if I can't pick up, I take pride in responding the second I'm free.

Why I'm asking for your Instagram/Facebook.
On my website, you can find more info about me. I would like for you to get to know me a little before you will contact me, likewise, I like to get a feel for your style and aesthetic you might interested in

How many photos/video files we will receive? And why does it vary?
You will receive approximately 50 photos per hour but this will vary on a number of factors:

- How many locations

- Layout of venue

- Whether or not everyone is on schedule and well coordinated

- How busy the event is

- How many guests

- How large the wedding party is

How long until I receive my photos?

The average is 6 - 8 weeks. This will vary depending on the time of year

How will I receive my photos?

You will receive a compact flash drive and photos will also be uploaded to a cloud drive that can be accessed from anywhere
Can we get the photos faster?
The photos can be delivered in 7 days.
$500 for wedding photos
$300 for engagement photos.

Will the photos be edited?
ALL of the photos you receive will be edited. This will be adjustments with cropping, lights tones, shading, highlights, hue, and saturation. They will be high resolution JPEGs.

In addition, you may choose 1 image to be specially touched up using photoshop techniques to remove blemishes, even skin tones, remove unwanted objects in the background or any other creative technique to enhance the photo to your liking. This is typically the photo you might want to put above the mantle, put in a large frame, or put on the front of thank you cards.

Additional photos that you want done using the above mentioned techniques will be an extra charge

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